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A history of handiwork

The Hive!Before Eric the bizzybee was even a glint in the beekeeper’s eye, glove manufacturers BM Polyco were kitting out kitchens all over Europe. From English roses to Spanish señoritas, Polyco gloved them all.

They were pretty handy in industry and healthcare too. Heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, cut-resistant,
the BM boys made a glove for every eventuality. No wonder many regarded them as the number one in
hand protection.

But once upon a time in 2009, Polyco vowed to scrub up on household cleaning. In a bid to take the bore out of chores and wage war on washing up, they rallied all their products under one almighty banner
(well, a huge metaphorical one anyway).


Eric the bizzybee

Enter Eric…

Without further ado, BM Polyco began work on a new glove brand. A brand that would be suitable for all household chores (no matter how mundane or monstrous) and make cleaning quick, easy and,
above all, fun. That brand was bizzybee and its inspiration was a little-known winged insect named Eric.

At Polyco’s Innovation Centre in Enfield, the world’s finest glove technicians gathered to study the movements of this beguiling bumblebee. For months they admired his hive-keeping skills.
From mopping up honey to polishing every last hexagon, Eric excelled in all his chores.

It was the spirit of this wondrous worker that Polyco would capture in the bizzybee range.
“Thanks Eric,” said the team, “We’ll make your face famous someday.”


…bizzy and buzzing

Say hi to our product range

With a range of eight rubber gloves, six cloths and one (very pretty) scourer, bizzybee is now helping homes everywhere to get a buzz out of cleaning.

bizzybee’s high-performance products allow you to spend less time on chores and more time on the things that really matter. And because we all clean differently, bizzybee has gloves and cloths for every pair of hardworking hands, even those with sensitive skin.

Eric’s creations look the bees’ knees too. Whether you want rubber gloves for all colours of the rainbow, or scourers that sparkle like stars, bizzybee has glamorous cleaning goodies for every wardrobe.